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Hire Cartoonist

When you use a brand character, that brand character should be the personality of your company plus perhaps some feelings or attractions that you want to project. These feelings/images may be a bit nuanced to be in the written version of your brand promise. This may be a great opportunity to say “hire cartoonist!” Some […]

Hire Cartoonist

When is it a business advantage to think of using a fictional portrayal of something? The advantage is that it creates a visual portrayal of a company or product’s character. A company’s personality is somewhat intangible and an illustration can help. Other times, a reference to the brand’s history or a specific visual identity that […]

What BRAND are you smoking?

very discipline has its language, a verbal shorthand to pack paragraphs of meaning into single terms relevant to the specialty. Those terms speed communications but can lead to banal statements if the definitions aren’t kept sharp. This post seeks to reel in some bad habits that have cropped up in my life and the lives […]

Caring Again

I used to build things that flew, engines of gas, steam and noise I sang loud, danced, drew pictures The breakfast at the Highway 29 Cafe was almost a religious experience In those days, there was time to sit on a hillside in Japan in the rain just to watch a spider fix her web […]

Academy for Creative Excellence – UK Opera Theatre

UK’s Academy for Creative Excellence (A.C.E.)  had a vision “to inspire a life-long love for opera and musical theatre.” They wanted to offer students in the central Kentucky area an opportunity to be engaged in the highest possible standard of performing arts training and performance experience! A.C.E approached us with a desire to raise their […]

Branding – Black and White

Geez….color doesn’t cost anything on a website, so why not put color on everything? Blue headlines, green subheads, chartreuse backgrounds, etc. And then make it flash enabled, and give me some dancing squirrels and a picture of my cat. No. Why not? Well, because people need to actually use your site to accomplish a purpose. […]

Black Canyon Consulting Group

The Black Canyon Consulting Group has three different practices. In complete distinction from the average consulting firm, their methodology works in all aspects of strategy and business modeling, sales effectiveness, and customer experience. Even during the recent downturn in the economy, BCCG’s customers were turning profits while turning their companies around. Rather than choosing a […]